Hi there, I'm Guillaume.
I am a DevOps and a GIS expert. (If you don't know what GIS is, it is related to geographical data and online maps.) For some time now, I have been training and practicing to improve my cybersecurity skills.
I'm currently working for the canton of Basel-City, where I'm in charge of the geoportal and of the software architecture. I'm also doing my best to improve our GIS infrastructure. I evolve in my professional life with pragmatism and creativity, and what motivates me the most is learning new things and solving complex problems.
Since january 2020, I'm at the head of the GeoMapFish Project Steering Committee. I organise User-Groups and monitor intercantonal developments. From time to time, I give lectures in schools or GIS events. I also give training courses. I really like to share my knowledge and to learn from others.
My hobbies: playing escape rooms and board games, travelling with my family, cooking delicious meals. I'm also interested in science and I read quite a bit.